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LLA technology in the circular economy

15 Dec 2021

Latest article from the new Vodafone Business Magazine:

“Cameras that separate waste and search engines that plant trees.

Circular economy and recycling are also important building blocks on the way to climate neutrality, sustainable use of resources and energy efficiency. In this area, too, Green IT helps with environmentally friendly and resource-saving disposal. From Germany’s largest technology and science park Berlin-Adlershof comes LLA Instruments GmbH & Co. KG, market leader in the field of hyperspectral cameras for raw materials recycling. The spectrometers, cameras and software solutions from LLA Instruments allow household waste to be optically sorted for plastics for subsequent recycling or thermal recovery. Thanks to the high spectral resolution, even plastic composites such as PET bottles with PVC film are detected. E-waste such as printed circuit boards and technical plastics, for example from consumer and household electronics, can also be detected. Waste paper is also a valuable raw material: in the case of printed cardboard, near-infrared radiation in the tenth-of-a-millimeter range enables printed layers to be distinguished from deeper paper layers. Construction waste is also screened for recyclables by the innovative spectral cameras.”



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