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Hyperspectral Process Systems for sorting applications

hyperspectral sorting


Ready-to-use integration

Customisable for conveyor belts from 200 mm up to 2800 mm

Our hyperspectral process system is a turn-key solution that guarantees fast and successful use in your 24/7 process. Our components are fully integrated and work together seamlessly. In this way, we ensure the best possible performance with the highest material throughput as well as simple, cost-efficient integration.

In addition to the KUSTA hyperspectral camera, the system includes a mounting bridge, a very powerful illumination unit, power supply, automation, and an embedded IPC. Optionally, we can also implement an RGB colour line scan camera and an automatic calibration bar.

There are considerable amounts of dust and dirt, especially when sorting recyclable materials. Our robust design is corrosion-resistant, dust-proof, and waterproof. It can be used in a wide range of temperatures and is therefore very durable and low-maintenance.

LLA always includes the required software in the system, which processes the measurement data in real time and transmits the evaluation results to your plant control via Ethernet.

If required, LLA systems can also control your blow-off valves (valve control accessories). In addition, the software offers (i) visualisation and processing of spectra, (ii) single and multi-level analysis models as well as (iii) their testing and optimisation. You can benefit from our many years of experience!

Key characteristics


Main Components


KUSTA Hyperspectral Camera

For optical detection and analysis of materials based on their chemical composition.


Mounting Bridge

Platform to install and align the hyperspectral camera with precision and in relation to the illumination unit.


Illumination Unit

Double-sided source for generating diffuse reflective radiation, essential for measurement focus and in-process applications.


Calibration Unit

Component for regular reflectance calibration. Outstanding results require careful measurements. Available in manual and automatic models.

Optional: RGB Line Scan Camera

Universal colour line scan camera designed to work seamlessly with the KUSTA camera to improve spatial resolution for better object detection in terms of size, position, and centre of gravity.

System Models

Select from 4 KUSTA camera models according to the required spectral wavelength range for your application:

KUSTA-System 0.9

VIS/NIR range 0.35 – 0.95 μm

KUSTA-System 1.7

Standard SWIR range 0.95 – 1.7 μm

KUSTA-System 1.9

Extended SWIR range 1.32 – 1.9 μm

KUSTA-System 2.2

Ultra-extended SWIR range 1.62 – 2.19 μm


Spectral ranges / number of tracks

0.35 – 0.95 μm / max. 1920 tracks
0.95 – 1.70 μm / max. 320 tracks
1.32 – 1.90 μm / max. 192 tracks
1.62 – 2.19 μm / max. 192 tracks

Spectral resolution

< 8 nm

Protection class


Width measuring range / conyeyor belt

0.5 – 2.8 m


For more information on the KUSTA-System hyperspectral process system, please download the brochure resource.

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