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Hyperspectral lab system

Hyperspectral lab system


Ready-to-use integration

ProSCAN is the perfect solution for use in laboratories or in process development. The system comprises a combination of a hyperspectral camera, a fast linear stage, and an optimised line illumination, offering fast spectral analysis of small to medium-sized materials samples at a high spectral and spatial resolution. 

The portable scanner unit is compatible with all of LLA’s hyperspectral cameras, allowing for different wavelength ranges from 0.4 µm to 2.2 µm depending on the application. ProSCAN can be supplied with two different optics, which also depend on your application, providing access to either a wide field of view of 320 mm or a higher spatial resolution of up to 50 µm/pixel. 

Choose this complete system and benefit from our many years of experience!

Key Characteristics

System Operation

Performing rapid chemical imaging analysis of small to medium-sized samples couldn't be easier:


Main Components


Imaging Hyperspectral Camera

For optical detection and analysis of materials based on their chemical composition.


Alignment Bridge

Platform with double-sided illumination.


Control Computer & Electronics

Including display, keyboard and mouse.


Linear Stage

Providing fast scanning operation.

System Models

Select from 4 ProSCAN models according to the required spectral wavelength range for your application:

ProSCAN 0.9

VIS/NIR range 0.35 – 0.95 μm

ProSCAN 1.7

Standard SWIR range 0.95 – 1.7 μm

ProSCAN 1.9

Extended SWIR range 1.32 – 1.9 μm

ProSCAN 2.2

Ultra-extended SWIR range 1.62 – 2.19 μm


Wavlength range

0.35 – 0.95 µm (ProSCAN 0.9)

0.95 – 1.7 µm (ProSCAN 1.7)

1.32 – 1.9 µm (ProSCAN 1.9)

1.62 – 2.19 µm (ProSCAN 2.2)

Spectral resolution

< 5 nm (VIS/NIR)

< 8 nm (SWIR)

Max. Speed of Scanning Table

100 mm/s

Dimensions LxWxH

820 mm x 520 mm x 1100 mm


For more information on the ProSCAN hyperspectral lab system, please download the brochure resource.

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