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Calibration Unit

Ensuring the system remains optimised for your application

Calibration Unit

The calibration process

Outstanding results require careful measurements, this means regular calibration of the measuring system. This can be done in 2 ways:

 1. Manual Calibration

Calibration can be performed manually with the CLm calibration bar, which consists of an inherently stable aluminum profile in which the reference samples are clamped. For better handling, the CLm is equipped with lateral handles.

2. Automatic Calibration

The calibration process can be automated by adding the CUa automatic calibration unit to the PMAmsi illumination unit. The calibration unit consists of two support arms, the CLa calibration bar, a drive motor and the control system. The support arms swivel the calibration bar into the calibration plane, driven by the motor. Calibration takes only a few moments, with the motor moving the calibration bar CLa back to the protected parking position when calibration is complete.

Automatic Calibration Options

Depending on the brightness of the sample material, 3 different calibration bars are offered:

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