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Valve Control

Valve control unit and software to control your blow-off valves

Valve Control

The Valve Control Unit controls your blow-off valves; while the Valve Control Software offers visualisation and processing of spectra, single and multi-level analysis models, as well as their testing and optimisation. It can also be used to set important parameters for valve control, such as the time delay between detection and discharge, and the opening times of the valves.

The valve control unit consists of an Ethernet bus coupler to which digital output terminals with 16 individual channels each are connected. Depending on the desired expansion stage, up to 1024 individual fast-switching compressed air valves can be controlled.

The bus coupler is connected directly to the control PC of the process spectrometer via the Ethernet interface. The corresponding functions for communication with the valve control unit are already implemented in the KustaMSI instrument control software. An individual material recognition method can be loaded and the grades to be discharged can be easily selected in a sorting table

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