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About LLA

hyperspectral sorting

With our products, we contribute to preserving resources and achieving climate neutrality.

Our hyperspectral cameras enable our customers, especially machine builders, to achieve excellent results when sorting in recycling or during quality assurance in food processing. Our focus is always on the application of our customers.

That is why we provide them with ready-to-use sensor solutions that contain all the necessary hardware and software and directly provide the information necessary for process control. It couldn’t be simpler!

Our Story

Founded in 1993 in Berlin, LLA Instruments GmbH, initially developed laser spectroscopy-based measurement systems for applications in biomedicine, environmental technology, and general industry. The company soon pivoted towards establishing, developing, and marketing automatic sensor-based sorting systems for plastics.

SInce, we have become a renowned developer, manufacturer, and supplier of imaging spectral analytical measurement technology and hyperspectral cameras for sorting applications across the globe. With our very fast hyperspectral cameras, our products are market leaders in recycling.

From November 2023, we became part of Tibidabo Scientific Industries, a global leader of highly differentiated technologies in the scientific and medical research, life sciences, agricultural, recycling, aerospace, defense and security, and industrial markets.

Our Expertise

We have a dedicated in-house expert with years of experience on our team. For newer applications, too, we have the expertise to find a fitting solution.

Thanks to an in-house conveyor system as part of our technology centre, we can carry out realistic on-location tests of new applications together with our customers. There and at our in-house application laboratories, our measuring systems are available for demonstration at any time.

Our company headquarters in Berlin Adlershof, Germany’s most advanced science and technology park, enables us to be continuously engaged in a lively exchange of experience and knowledge with the many other local research institutes and companies.

Our History


LLA joins Tibidabo Scientific Industries


Launch of the on-line XRF analyser


Launch of the hyperspectral scanner system ProSCAN, and next generation of KUSTA 2.2 multispectral camera


Launch of LineScan-RGB camera


New generations of the KUSTA-MPL multiplexed NIR spectrometer


Expansion of the company headquarters at Justus-von-Liebig-Straße 11 in Berlin: new production building for hyperspectral cameras


Launch of KUSTA 2.2 multispectral camera


The 500th KUSTA-MPL multiplexed system was rolled out. Launch of first KUSTA 1.7 for recycling applications – pioneering the use of multispectral technology in this market. 


Inauguration of the current company headquarters in Berlin at Justus-von-Liebig-Straße 9


Launch of the first ESA4000 Echelle spectrometer


Launch of the first KUSTA-MPL multipexed NIR spectrometer for use in plastics recycling


Launch of the first ESA3000 Echelle spectrometer


Entry in the commercial register; roll-out of the first NIR spectrometer with a PbS sensor; development of the first Echelle spectrometer for LIBS measurements


Founding of the company in Berlin as a spin-off of the former Academy of Sciences; roll-out of the first fluorescence spectrometer for use in environmental analysis

Our Mission Statement

What we do

Our products enable our customers, in particular machine builders, to achieve excellent industrial optical sorting results for recycling and quality assurance in food processing and functional materials.

Why we do it

We are committed to contributing to a safer and healthier world through our unique science and technology. We want our products to contribute to resource conservation, climate neutrality and circular economy.

How we do it

We offer ready-to-use, complete sensor solutions with our proprietary software to directly provide the information required for process control. It couldn’t be simpler!

Our Core Values


We offer application development to make it easy for our customers to adapt to specific materials.


To find sustainable technical solutions to help protect the environment.


Open communication and building trust to encourage successful partnerships.

Customer Focus

We focus on our customers, providing expert advice, to enable our shared success.


To become the one-stop shop for industrial sorting in the recycling and food industry.


We strive for continuous improvement where quality and safety always take priority.

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