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Industrial minerals analysis

The production of high-quality mineral products and building materials requires high-quality mineral raw materials. Conventionally, quality assurance of mineral raw materials is done through expensive laboratory analysis on random samples.

LLA’s NIR and VIS hyperspectral cameras as well as the multiplexed NIR spectrometers offer numerous applications for non-contact and spatial resolution analysis of rock fragments starting from a grain size of 10 mm. They separate the valuable materials from the gangue early in the process, thus optimising the value chain. Some of our applications are showcased in greater detail below.

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WE RECOMMEND: The KUSTA 2.2  or NIR process spectrometer KUSTA-MPL 2.2 in combination with the idCalcite and idMgOquant software modules.

The application enables you to detect waste rock such as dolomite in limestone. The detection results are used for sorting applications that remove the waste rock in limestone quarries.

  • Sorting with idCalcite: qualitative grade output of calcite and dolomite layers in quarry rock
  • Monitoring with idMgOquant: output of the quantitative MgO content in rock quarry


WE RECCOMEND: The KUSTA 1.7 or NIR process spectrometer KUSTA-MPL 1.9 in combination with the idSpodumene software module

Spodumene is a mineral source of lithium, which is essential for battery production. The valuable spodumene must be separated from the waste rock to minimise the subsequent use of chemicals and thermal energy. The idSpodumene software application enables you to detect the wasterock quartz and feldspar in spodumene deposits. The detection results are used for sorting applications that remove the waste rock ahead of further processing.

  • Sorting with idSpodumene: qualitative grade output of spodumene, quartz and feldspar phases in rock quarry

Quartz / Dewstone

WE RECOMMEND Suitable NIR spectrometer: KUSTA-MPL 2.2 in combination with the software module idQuartz

The purity of quartz as a raw material is crucial for the production of glassware and electronic components. Also, waste rock such as calcite and clay minerals, which are identical in colour, have to be removed at the very beginning. The application idQuartz enables you to detect the waste rock calcite and clay minerals in quartz rocks. The detection results are used for sorting applications that remove the waste rock ahead of further processing.

  • Sorting with idQuartz: qualitative grade output of quartz (inert), clay, and calcite phases in quarry rock. We recommend the multiplexed NIR Spectrometer KUSTA-MPL 2.2 for this application.

Core analysis

WE RECOMMEND: the hyperspectral cameras: KUSTA 1.7, KUSTA 2.2 or KUSTA 0.9

The geological analysis of drill cores is an important component of the exploration of deposits and the development of new mineral mining areas. Laboratory analysis and geological classification of the earth layers is time-consuming and cost-intensive. However, hyperspectral measurement technology offers a way to automate the analysis of drill cores and the evaluation of geological layers to a large extent. LLA offers all its hyperspectral camera models as specially configured versions fit for for high-resolution HSI measurements on drill cores. The obtained data sets can then be analysed using conventional software packages or LLA’s own software.

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