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Illumination Units

for KUSTA hyperspectral cameras and KUSTA-MPL multiplexed NIR spectrometers

PMAmsi Illumination Units

The illumination unit PMAmsi is used for the identification of diffusely reflecting NIR active substances in the production process in connection with the KUSTA hyperspectral camera.

The system is suitable for opaque, non-black material as well as for semi-transparent, only partially reflecting materials. The illumination unit is installed above the conveyor belt with the material to be sorted.

The measuring distance of 500 mm is particularly suitable for plastic sorting or other sorting applications in recycling.

The measuring distance of 300 mm is suitable for sorting smaller particles, such as PET flakes. The measurement is done contactless from above while the sorting material passes under the illumination. Optionally, the illumination unit is supplied with a mounting bridge. This enables the precisely definable alignment of the illumination unit and the hyperspectral camera.

Key characteristics


The illumination unit PMAmsi consists of two parallel illumination lines (LU) which are slightly inclined to each other. This two-sided illumination of the material stream minimises shadowing and thus increases detection accuracy. The internal NIR emitters create a common narrow strip of light on the conveyor belt. The two illumination lines are connected at the end with a mounting plate.

Set Up

The illumination unit is offered in the following standard lengths:

The following reflector variants are available:


PMAmpl Illumination Unit / Process Probes

The PMAmpl process probes collect the light remitted by the samples or transmitted through the samples. The light is transmitted to the spectrometer via fibre optic cables. Measuring probe lines are available to suit the respective application. The correspondingly designed measuring probe lines are connected to the KUSTA-MPL multiplexed NIR spectrometer.

Key characteristics

Probe lines and components

The illumination unit PMAmpl consists of two parallel illumination units (LU) and an integrated optics lines (OL). All three elements are fixed by a plate at both ends. This double-sided illumination of the material flow minimises shadowing and thus increases detection accuracy. Mounting brackets allow the measuring unit to be mounted in a frame above the conveyor belt. Rubber buffers are included to dampen vibrations. Heat-resistant glass is fitted over the entire surface in front of the optics bar (OL) to protect it from discolouration and damage in the measuring headline. An active cooling cover and automatic calibration are available as options.

Customised design of probe lines

The design of the measuring probe lines is based on the following your specific requirements:

Set Up

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