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LLA Instruments participates in the VDI Green Paper “Circular Economy”

4 Feb 2022

In order to save resources and reduce CO2 emissions, a true circular economy is becoming increasingly important, especially in the plastics sector. The VDI has brought together relevant market participants and decision-makers in the plastics sector at a “Round Table” to discuss how the plastics market can be transformed into a true circular economy with circular value creation.

To this end, the VDI Round Table, consisting of representatives from politics, science and NGOs, identified four major priority areas for action (LINK)
– (Re)organize the plastics industry for closed-loop recycling
– Making closed-loop recycling the task of all stakeholders
– Create regulatory incentives for a circular plastics economy
– Design products for the loop

Representing LLA Instruments, Arne Volland, Product Manager for Hyperspectral Cameras and Sensor-based Sorting Solutions, participated in the VDI Green Paper “Circular Economy”. The Green Paper can be downloaded here

Visitors are welcome to meet our team in Hall 3, booth 25.


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